About Karenna Wright and the Wrighting Life

Karenna writes memoir about the joy and the sorrow inherent in what it truly means to love another. Karenna’s first book , The Grapes of Dementia, is about her transformational experiences and mystical insights as a caregiver to her husband, who was diagnosed with dementia nine months after they were married.


Some of Karenna’s latest writing can be seen in various publications on Medium, in The OASIS Journal 2016, The Literary Commune, Upender: Art of Consequence, JONAHmagazine, and soon in Anti-Heroin Chic. She has published poetry, magazine articles, interviews, book reviews, and a variety of business communications and film scripts. She spent more than 21 years working for a global telecommunications company, where she was a corporate librarian who got to buy lots of cool books as part of her job.

Karenna holds a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Literary Journalism from the University of Denver. She plays the djembe drum and is a self-professed drum-aholic. She performs at community and private events, fund raisers, festivals, celebrations, and house concerts. Sometimes they even pay her.

Karenna admittedly watches way too much HGTV and prefers drama only in art and architecture. Although she plays around with creating art, her home was her first canvas, and her interior decorating skills are–well, she’s been told she should go into the profession.

Karenna has no problem breaking rules. She’s drawn to the unknown and is excited by possibility. She tests INTP on the Myers-Briggs and characteristically personifies the absentminded professor. Paradoxically, she often uses her intuition without knowing it. She seeks perfection in everything but gets excited when something new comes along to make that perfection even more perfect. She’s deep but can be fun to be around sometimes.

Karenna has been described as an overachiever. She sees no reason to live unless you’re all in. When she’s absorbed in thinking, writing, or researching, that blank look on her face means she can be hard to reach at the moment and may seem downright rude. She can also seem socially shy or terribly argumentative, with little else in between. She apologizes in advance because she is none of that.

Karenna just returned from the California Redwood Coast to Boulder, Colorado. She’s lived in Colorado for the past 35 years, minus her two and a half year “sabbatical” in California, where she faced and fought her demons, slayed a few dragons, and lived to tell about it. She mostly writes, reads, walks, and plays her drum.



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