Confetti and Personal Kanban on a Snowy Day in Boulder

Well, I’m here in Boulder. Been here for two weeks to the day. After months of decluttering, selling, and donating various household items (and selling and closing on the home itself), we managed to pack up our remaining stuff and move back to Colorado, where my heart wants me to be.

I’d lived in Colorado for 35 years but took a “sabbatical” on the North Coast of California for two and a half years. During that time, I faced and fought my demons, slayed a few dragons, and published a book. Now I’m back in Colorado, in one piece. My feet are planted firmly in the Rocky Mountains for good, and I’m back to writing and posting.

We’re having a home built in Loveland and will stay in Boulder for seven or eight months…however long it takes for the new build to be done.

This morning, Mother Nature decided to throw a welcome home party and is Continue reading