Still on the Shelf: How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

Here’s another of my Still on the Shelf series, where I tell you, book by blessed book, why I periodically run a dust rag across them, pull them off the shelf, and open them up to read.

A lifetime of reading has left me with a sizable number of books. Throughout the years I have donated them for tax deductions and traded them by the carload for credit at used book stores. But for all the trimming and weeding my collection has undergone these past decades, the ones remaining on the shelves are there for a reason: they’ve withstood the tests of time. Although I’m most inclined to pick up my Kindle these days, there are still plenty of books on my shelves, and How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci is one of them. Continue reading


Crayon Care

Last month, Senior News: The 50-plus life on the North Coast published another brief piece I wrote about how coloring is respite. Read the longer version below, or the shorter one here. Remember to leave a comment if you’d like. I’d love to know if you’ve had similar results with coloring.

Crayon Care
by Karenna Wright

On high-stress caregiving days, I’d color. You know—with crayons—just like when we were kids. Since my caregiving days, coloring has made a strong comeback.

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