Still On the Shelf: The Night Before Christmas

Here’s another of my Still on the Shelf series, where I tell you, book by blessed book, why I periodically run a dust rag across them, pull them off the shelf, and open them up to read.

A lifetime of reading has left me with a sizable number of books. Throughout the years I have donated them for tax deductions and traded them for credit by the carload. But for all the trimming and weeding my collection has undergone these past decades, the ones remaining on the shelves are there for a reason: they’ve withstood the tests of time. Although I’m more inclined to pick up my Kindle these days, there are still plenty of books on my shelves, and The Night Before Christmas is one of them, especially this time of year.

The Night Before Christmas Or a Visit of St. Nicholas: an Antique ReproductionXmas 1
by Clement Clarke Moore (author), William Roger Snow (illustrator), Russell Barber (introduction)
Publisher: Philomel Books
ISBN 0-399-21614-6
Copyright: 1989
24 pages

Do we really need another published version of this poem? How many illustrated versions of the book have been created since it was first published anonymously on December 23, 1823? (which, by a lucky coincidence, is 192 years to the date this blog is being published). How many versions? Not enough. There’s always room for more. I personally own just a few, but this one is my favorite.

Moore wrote A Visit of St. Nicholas for his six children and had no intention to publish it, but Continue reading


Hallelujah Three Ways

Somehow I thought life would get easier as I got older, but it has not. The heartbreaks and challenges facing me have become exponentially more difficult as I climb the ladder toward the sky, as if I had enrolled in an accelerated college course that never lets up, never offers a diploma. Yeah, yeah, I know. That’s life. Sheesh.

stay-puft-marshmallow-manThere were good times this year of course, but the difficult times have been overshadowed, as if that Sumerian demon Gozer, in the form of the deceptively friendly Stay Puft Marshmallow Man who wreaks havoc in Ghostbusters, showed up to destroy the good memories I had of 2015, leaving behind a gooey, sticky, flavorless mess. It takes heaps of my marshmallow brain to remember those good times. They’re there, but oh what a messy ordeal to summon them!

Earlier in the year the storm of my grief Continue reading