I Am Karenna!

I’ve changed my name! If you haven’t noticed, it’s right up there in the header.

Name 5

Whether you’ve known me for all our lives or just a small part of it, you’ll have to call me something different starting now. My new name has already become second nature to me. I hear it, respond to it, and sign it like it’s always been my name from the beginning of time, or at least from the beginning of my lifetime, this time around.

I am no longer Karen. My new moniker is Karenna (ka-wren-uh).

Why did I change my name? The answer is simple: I never liked my given name, Karen. Never felt comfortable in it, never felt it was me. The name needed a tweak here, a twist there, a tug to bring it into the now, a small adjustment to propel it into the heart of who I am. So I changed it. That’s all there is to it, mostly.

Name 3Karenna Wright. Karenna. Yes, much better.

This is Karenna Wright signing off until next time.

Wow, that felt great!

Now it’s time to start anew, authentically, as Karenna.


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