Update: Help Me Choose a Book Cover!

Posted June 20, 2015

Update: New Book Cover in the Running!

#6 - Bench

#6 – Bench

A friend of mine did this mock-up cover for my new book, so now it’s only fair to throw it into the ring with the five covers you’ve already seen (below). The design needs tweaking, of course, but take a close look and tell me how you think it ranks in comparison to the other five. What do you like/don’t like about this new contestant? Be sure to scroll down to see the other covers in the running.

Thanks again for sharing your awesome opinions and insights!

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Posted June 18, 2015

I can’t decide which cover to use for my new book, and I need your help! I’ve narrowed the choices down to five. The title we’ll probably go with is:

The Grapes of Dementia

My Journey of Love, Loss, Surrender, and Gratitude

The book is about the transformational experiences and mystical insights that came my way as a caregiver to my late husband, who was diagnosed with dementia nine months after we were married. (And although it might seem #4 – Raven doesn’t fit thematically, you’d have to read the manuscript to know that it does.)

Take a look at these covers (shown in no particular order) with sample text and tell me which is your favorite(s). Leave a reply below or click here to leave a comment on my Facebook Author page.

#1 - Pier

#1 – Pier

#2 - Swing

#2 – Swing

#3 - Dandelion

#3 – Dandelion

#4 - Raven

#4 – Raven

#5 - Moon

#5 – Moon

You are awesome! Thanks so much!


Still on the Shelf: Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys

This is the second of my Still on the Shelf series, where I’ll tell you, book by blessed book, why I periodically run a dust rag across them, pull them off the shelf, and open them up to read.

A lifetime of reading has left me with a sizable number of books. Throughout the years I have donated them for tax deductions and traded them for credit by the carload. But for all the trimming and weeding my collection has undergone these past decades, the ones remaining on the shelves are there for a reason: they’ve withstood the tests of time. Although I’m more inclined to pick up my Kindle these days, there are still plenty of books on my shelves, and Wide Sargasso Sea is one of them.

Wide Sargasso Sea
by Jean Rhys
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Copyright: Reissue edition 1992
176 pages

What makes this book so good is what it implies rather than what it says. Continue reading

Lunchtime Gig at the Bird Cafe

One of the marvelous things about the beaches along the area of the California Redwood Coast where I live is that there aren’t many people on them. You don’t have to pay for parking or struggle to find a good parking place. You don’t have to search for a spot on the beach to set your chair and beach-hanging out accessories. In fact, you don’t see many chairs at all on the beach. These aren’t those kinds of beaches.

People are usually in motion here — walking, running, clamming, commanding Continue reading

When the Hollyhocks Bloom

The hollyhock seeds we planted last month won’t produce flowers this summer. I say “we,” but it’s really the man in my life who does the gardening around here. He loves it, but I’ve never been much for digging in the dirt. There are bugs and worms crawling about in there.

Despite that, I do love the diverse variety of shrubs, trees, and flowers that have popped up and out in our new yard on the California Redwood Coast. And the fragrances! Sweet, heady, delicate. Here I can inhale the air in a big way without sneezing and carrying on like the allergic person I was in our old home in Colorado.

But I digress. Hollyhocks. Typically, Continue reading

Musings on Self-Realization

This above all: to thine own self be true.

– Hamlet, 1.3.78, by William Shakespeare

(Lord Polonius to his son Laertes as he leaves for France from their home in Denmark)

To thine own self be true. It carries as much wisdom today as it has throughout the centuries. It’s sound advice. However, I find myself stumbling to answer the question, “Who am I?” Who is this “I” to be true to?

The answer is perhaps embedded in the Zen question, “What was my face before my parents were born?” The Zen Buddhists are not speaking genetics here but are instead seeking a mythical or archetypal identity. In other words, before time existed for me here, where was I and what was I all about? Most importantly, is that who I am now? If so, how do I know? These are the big questions in life, eh?

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I’m Publishing My First Book and It’ll Be Here Soon!

I’m getting close to publishing my first book, The Grapes of Dementia: A Memoir. Those who know me are aware I’ve been writing a book for quite some time. This isn’t it. Ha!

I’m still working on that book — Romeo and Juliet in Dementiaville — and it’s gonna be a while before I finish it. In case you didn’t know, y’all, writing is hard work. It’s even more difficult if you have high standards like I’m proud to say I do. And I’m certain you as a reader have those same high standards. So I’m not rushing it.

In any case, I’m publishing Grapes before the Romeo and Juliet book because Continue reading