Got Books?

Who dusts all these? That’s the #1 question people ask when they see my bookshelves. Obviously, my visitors are neatniks, but so am I. The difference is I love to dust my books when they need it, and sometimes when they don’t. I like to touch them and worship them. But even more, I love to read and re-read and refer to them often…of course.

Why do you have so many books? Have you read them all? If you’ve been asked this before–if these questions sound familiar–you may be a bookworm, a collector of books, a literary connoisseur. Perhaps even a book snob. I like you already.

So take a look at this. Do you have anything to add?


2 thoughts on “Got Books?

  1. I too have a book habit. Recently, I saw a book in a book store that caught my eye. I didn’t get it though as my mission was for something else. Find out its a book from someone I now follow. Of course, I want to go back and get it. Here’s the problem, I’ve been to so many bookstores in the last few weeks, I have no idea where I saw it. Since, I’ve been back to a handful of them, no luck. It’s pretty bad when you go to so many so often, you can’t remember what you saw where!


  2. I’ve done that as well, and you’re right–it’s kinda frustrating. I’ve gotten into the habit recently of taking a picture with my phone of any books I might be interested in at some point. Yes, I have a lot of photos, but at least I can find the title and author and then I can order it online if I don’t remember where it was and not miss out. Happy book browsing!


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