Saluting the Cosmos

The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.  — Cosmos by Carl Sagan

I’m Karen Wright. Google my name and you’ll get 60,400,000 hits. None of them are me, or maybe one or two are me. If you Google Karen Wright writer, the results decrease significantly–to 788,000. Karen Wright author  bumps the list up to 10,700,000. However you search for me, I’m still hidden. Go ahead, try to find me in that Google-ized clutter. Do we exist if we don’t show up in Google results?

All this to say I want to stand out, I want you to remember me. I have a story to tell, words to write (or Wright), some Truth to reveal, a revelation to utter. And I hope you’ll interact with me here in the spirit of love. We are absolutely in this together, so let’s inspire each other.

I’ll write about my writing life and share with you my failures and successes at that, and I’ll write about anything related to writing that I have to say–and that includes the insights I come across in my day-to-day process of living. And as heavy as that sounds, it won’t be. Everything turns out okay.

With that, I bid adieu for now with this to inspire your search for the Truth of Life. Bwahahahahahahaha! Wait for it and ignore the last 1:14 at the end. What the heck is that anyway?


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